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Emily Laws School Of Acting

ELSA's Workshops

Emily Laws provides a wide range of workshops to schools. Packages are tailored to the individual requirements of each school. With all workshops the children develop confidence and self-esteem, work on the skills of projection, breath control, vocal techniques and presentation. They enjoy self-expression through improvisation and group work. They perform poetry and scripted scenes, developing their 'teamwork' and knowledge of particular subjects.

There is an extensive list of available workshops bespoked to the requirements of each individual school.

Emily also writes new workshops at the request of schools to compliment new topics and requirements. All workshops culminate in a performance for families and other classes. This is unique to ELSA. We can do a 'show in a day' or a show in 2 or 3 days, depending on your choice of package:

BRONZE - 1 day workshop £200

SILVER - 2 day workshop £380

GOLD - 3 day workshop £500

PLATINUM - 4 day workshop £600

Examples of how these workshops have been employed include:

Reward days for Yr 6 following SATS

Schools working on a particular topic eg. WW2 in Britain

MADD week and Creative Arts week

Themed events such as the Olympics, Our Blackpool and celebrated historical figures

Contact Emily for further details on 07969481556 or email [email protected]