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Emily Laws School Of Acting

The Marjorie Award

The 'Marjorie Award' was kindly donated by Lucy Salmon (long-standing pupil of ELSA) to praise and reward exceptional high achievement within a single ELSA term. This achievement is not based on the final performance in any production. It illuminates a pupil's hard work, commitment, dedication, team-work and talent over and above what is automatically expected at ELSA in any one given term.

This prestigious award is in commemoration of Marjorie Hall who embodied all of these qualities. Marjorie was a fundamental and founder member of ELSA. Her influence on our Acting school was and is un-equalled. Not only did Marjorie support and work for ELSA from its origins in 1993, she was also the main accompanist at rehearsals, pianist in many productions and all-time organiser of Emily! 

Marjorie worked both quietly and publicly to ensure the continued success of ELSA. Without her our Acting school would not be where it is today.

Most sadly Marjorie left us in 2007. Her spirit and philosophy remain a fundamental part of this school.

Christmas 2013 - Conor James ( Michael in 'Mary Poppins')

Summer 2013 - Tia Norris (Bugsy Malone)

Summer 2014 - George Culpan ( Fagin - Oliver)

Christmas 2014 - Oliver Squire ( Miss Trunchbull - Matilda)

Summer 2015 - Alexandria Sagar (Chitty Bang Bang)

Christmas 2015 - Skye Ruman and Millie Stephens ('C' is for the Candy) Summer 2016 - Nathaniel Kelly (High School Musical)

Christmas 2016 - Lewis James (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

Summer 2017 - Poppy Appleton (Blood Brothers)

Christmas 2017 - Molly Turley (The Sound of Music)

Summer 2018 - Evangeline Doyle (My Fair Lady)

December 2018 - Evelyn Smedley (Mary Poppins)

Summer 2019 - Liberty Doyle (South Pacific)

December 2019 - Nicola-Kate Parr (Beauty and the Beast)

Summer 2020 - Ameerah Loup- Devere (Mamma Mia)

Summer 2021 - Erin Hill (Wind in the Willows