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Emily Laws School Of Acting

The Jan Kemball Award

The 'Jan Kemball Award was created in 2013. It is presented annually to an individual student, duo or group who achieve personal outstanding results in a single LAMDA examination as a result of commitment, enthusiasm and sheer hard work.

Jan Kemball was an outstanding actress, teacher, friend of ELSA and LAMDA examiner. Jan was the original teacher of Emily Laws and her legacy is passed on to every ELSA student.

The first presentation of this award took place on Saturday June 2nd 2013. It was presented to Aiden Bell-Smith for his outstanding Grade 6 Mime examination.

Winner 2021 - Evelyn Smedley (Acting)

Winner 2019 - Nathaniel Kelly (Acting)

Winner 2018 - Emilie Bielec (Musical Theatre)

Winner 2017 - Conor James (Acting)

Winner 2016 - Madelaine Markham (Acting)

Winner 2015 - Molly Turley (Musical Theatre and Acting)

Winner 2014 - Kiera Tatton (Devised Performance)

Winner 2013 - Aiden Bell-Smith (Mime)