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Emily Laws School Of Acting


Guys and Dolls - Christmas 2021

Nicely-Nicely - NK

Benny Southstreet - SJ

Sarah Brown - Abbi

Arvide Abernathy - Harrison

Harry the Horse - Evangeline

Lt. Brannigan - Emilia

Nathan Detroit - Liberty

Miss Adalaide - Ameerah

Sky Masterson - Lewis

Mimi - Isla

General Matilda B. Cartwright - Erin

Big Jule - Mollie Y

Hot Box Girls - Evelyn, Emilie, Lily-Mae, Kayla, Alexia, Melody, Molly F, Callia

Summer 2020 - I Have a Dream

Donna - Molly T

Tanya - Libby

Rosie - Abigail

Sophie - Ameerah

Lisa - Tess

Ali - Sara-Jayne

Sam - Conor

Harry - Nate

Bill - Ethan

Sky - Harrison

Vicar - Lewis

Narrators - Nicola-Kate and Lewis

December 2019 - Beauty and the Beast

July 7th 2019 6.30pm - South Pacific

December 8th 2018 - Mary Poppins

July 14th 2018 - My Fair Lady

Christmas Production 2017 - The Sound of Music (Saturday December 9th)

Summer 2017 - Blood Brothers

Christmas Production 2016 - The Chocolate Factory (Saturday December 17th)

Our Summer Production 2016 will be a version of 'High School Musical'

CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA - Saturday December 12th 2015 at 7.30pm

Saturday July 11th 2015 - Chitty Bang Bang